Reggie Quinn

Foster Brat


Character Sheet

Physical Description: BIG. …Reggie is a large caucasian male, 6’5", 285 Pounds, and RIPPED. All caps. He usually dresses in overly baggy coats and pants to downplay this, though.
He’s got scragly black hair (which may start falling out when his skin does), and grey eyes that usually have a baseball cap pulled over them. He would be pretty good looking if he stood up straight, changed his clothes, and combed his hair.

Personality: Reggie is a very gentle soul at heart, though he hides this behind a tired, ‘streetwise’ persona. He cares a lot about people, but repeated disconnection and perceieved rejection have damaged him. He usually takes out his frustrations through sports (non-contact ones, like weightlifting, rock climbing, and parkour). He’s very protective and nurturing of people he likes, partially in an effort to keep them around. Rejection leaves him in a slump for hours, if not days.


Dear Journal,

My case worker says I should probably write about my experiences, so I guess this is a good time to start. My name is Reggie. I’m 16 years old. I’m being sent off to a summer camp in the middle of fucking nowhere because no one wants to deal with me over the summer. Maybe it’s because I freak them out? I don’t know.

No one wants me around for more than a year. I’m not some… cute cherub that anyone would want to adopt. I could already out-bench all of the seniors at the last high school I went to. Not to mention the coach. I’m some… freak of nature who takes up too much space and eats everyone’s food.

So this camp is just another spot to toss me until I finally age out of the system. Then… I dunno.

…This can’t be that bad. At least I’ll be able to see the stars. Maybe I can go live in the woods or something.

Reggie Quinn

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