Sabrina Blake

Weird Girl


Journal entry 13

This place is weird.

I have no idea what, but it kind of reminds me of home. WHERE I WISH I WAS. Mom and dad say it is Very Important To My Education for me to be LITERALLY EVERYWHERE BUT HOME. I think they just don’t like me. Pretty sure I was an accident. Of course they say that isn’t true, but, you know, that’s what they WOULD say.

Does it even count as a home if I’m NEVER THERE?


Not like it even matters. It was getting kind of suspicious at home, but people notice when you’re that unwanted kid who gets shuffled around everywhere. I’d just like to do regular stuff for once in my fucking life.

Summer camp’s regular, right? There’s like fifty book series about it. I guess it’s a start. Maybe I’ll have some cool adventures.

Sabrina Blake

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