Barrier Falls

Session 1.5: Yogurt for Rats

So, I’m making yogurt for rats, now. It’s kind of funny… the first ingredient in fresh yogurt is… well… yogurt. It’s kind of a self perpetuating thing. I wonder where the first yogurt actually came from? Maybe Sabrina knows?

It’s not a bad recipe though, I’m making a few batches with whatever fruits and preserves I could get. I’m just glad I took that cooking class while I was in the group home.

We tried to get settled today, and have established two things. First, we can’t find Mr. Frank at all. He seems to have just… disappeared. I’m not sure if he’s the camp’s caretaker or what, but he was able to bring us all here somehow. Whoever the camp’s caretaker is also seems to have vanished… the people in town remember him, but his room at the lodge is completely sealed.

People in town seem… mostly normal? I’m trying to figure out exactly what the deal is with some of them.

The Cashier at the Grocery Store seems to be really good at seeing through lies… which, I mean, isn’t a weird thing, but she also knocked me out of a panic attack by patting me on the head.

The Butcher seems to only be able to communicate by grunting, but I could still understand him anyway…?

I haven’t met any other natives yet. Tucker went to pick up his inheritance at the bank today. A box with a fancy gun that Sabrina thinks has some sort of signifigant markings on it, and what I swear is some sort of spell book with a lock on it. All of the people we mentioned his house to seemed to freak out like it was some sort of dangerous place. The cashier also didn’t want to hear about the rats.

…something is up here. Seriously up.

Session 1: Camp Nowhere

…Okay, I’m writing all of this down for posterity, because it’s fucking weird and I’m freaking out.

…I don’t even know how long ago it was at this point, but I got on a bus along with several other kids my age, and ended up on a road trip to Camp Barrier, in the city of Barrier Falls Oregon. When I left, it was June 2015. Now it’s April 1978. And none of the other campers seem to come from the same time period from me. Drake comes from 2016, Sabrina comes from 2005… hell, Tucker comes from before World War II.

…When we pulled into camp, our bus driver disappeared, and the bus… acted like it had suddenly aged a few years in two seconds. The tires are flat, the tank is full of sludge. We have no idea where he is.

…We have no idea where anyone is. Camp Barrier is completely deserted…

Well, of humans. When we explored the main cabin, a swarm of sapient rats attacked us. According to Sabrina, they’re… Moonrats? They get more powerful on a full moon. We couldn’t stand up to them, so we negotiated with them for shelter.

None of this makes any sense… rats that get smarter as the moon changes phases? Time travel? What the hell is going on here?!

Campaign Journal
Stories from Camp

So… Apparently it’s a good idea for me to keep track of my experiences? So this’ll be where I write down stuff about what happened at camp. It’ll probably be full of boring stuff about what arts and crafts we did or something…


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