Barrier Falls

Session 1: Camp Nowhere


…Okay, I’m writing all of this down for posterity, because it’s fucking weird and I’m freaking out.

…I don’t even know how long ago it was at this point, but I got on a bus along with several other kids my age, and ended up on a road trip to Camp Barrier, in the city of Barrier Falls Oregon. When I left, it was June 2015. Now it’s April 1978. And none of the other campers seem to come from the same time period from me. Drake comes from 2016, Sabrina comes from 2005… hell, Tucker comes from before World War II.

…When we pulled into camp, our bus driver disappeared, and the bus… acted like it had suddenly aged a few years in two seconds. The tires are flat, the tank is full of sludge. We have no idea where he is.

…We have no idea where anyone is. Camp Barrier is completely deserted…

Well, of humans. When we explored the main cabin, a swarm of sapient rats attacked us. According to Sabrina, they’re… Moonrats? They get more powerful on a full moon. We couldn’t stand up to them, so we negotiated with them for shelter.

None of this makes any sense… rats that get smarter as the moon changes phases? Time travel? What the hell is going on here?!


CubeB CubeB

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