Blonde rich-bitch cheerleader


Physical Description:
“Drop dead gorgeous, physically fit blonde bombshell” is not an understatement when it comes to describing Kate. She possesses a cute button nose, ice blue eyes that can only be described as piercing, soft tanned skin with a hint of muscle underneath, toned legs with firm calves, a generous chest that does not appear overly large on her frame (and has a hint of possible surgical alteration), and hair the color of corn silk that cascades down to the middle of her back.

She’s commonly found wearing her school cheerleading uniform (of which she owns four copies), which consists of a spandex long-sleeved blue undershirt, a short-sleeved white with blue highlights overshirt that leaves the midriff bare, a blue and white skirt that comes down to just above her knees, and blue leggings. In warmer weather, the leggings and undershirt are often discarded.

Externally, Kate is superficial, vain, and self-centered, believing the world revolves around her and that she is destined for international superstardom, if only she could get out of this one-strip-mall town her parents decided to move to. At her school, she dominates the cheerleading squad and the chorus with her looks and voice.

Secretly, Kate is tired of living up to her mother’s expectations to follow in her footsteps. She sees that her mother really isn’t happy with how her life ended up, having married for money, and doesn’t want to end up miserable later on. She’s also upset that all of her so-called friends on the cheer squad and chorus at school are whiny, backstabbing airheads who don’t have an original thought in their heads.


Day 0:
Dear diary,

Hi. My name is Katarina Russoff, but everyone knows me as Kate. I’m 17, with blue eyes, long blond hair, into acrobatics, dancing, and singing. I have a stepbrother, William, and two younger half-sisters, Elizabeth and Rebecca. I’m head cheerleader at school, and have a shot at a record contract in the fall. I would say I’m from Beverly Hills, but I’m really from Torrance, one of the middle-class areas outside LA.

For now, though, mom and dad have sent me away on a trip. Fact is, with them not-fighting more and more – they don’t actually fight, but they stare daggers at each other lately – it’s become intolerable at home. I’m kinda glad to get out. They’ll be divorced by the end of the summer; no one who isn’t blind can see it happening.

Dotty, a friend of mine from the squad, probably the only one who actually has actual thoughts in her head, is here with me. She says it’s to keep me company, but I have this sneakin suspicion I’m along to keep her out of trouble.

Camp Barrier. Never heard of it, can’t find anything on an internet search for it. Almost like it doesn’t exist. Either that or my google-fu is weak.

Well, we’re pulling into an … oh yuck, is that an Arby’s and an A&W? Wait, was this the same bus I got on back in LA? It looks different….


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